Every our decoration is a story to tell.

About us

Mr Christmas is an idea of a group of friends sharing the same passion: Christmas and its typical ornaments that create a joyful and festive atmosphere.

The company was established in 2016 thanks to the founders’ travels to the main European and American cities. In particular, the most significant travels were to the USA, where Christmas is a driving force for the local economy.

Mr Christmas products are sold in a direct retail sale and in distributions for other retailers.

Registered office has been in Rome since 2016, when the firts Mr Christmas Store was opened with a great success, beyond our expectations.

Our Idea

Our idea is based on two fundamental and unquestionable principles: everybody likes Christmas and in almost every home there is a Christmas tree!

In a lot of American and European cities, there is a more and more increasing number of Christmas shops selling home and tree ornaments. They are very successful for a wide range of customers.

In particular in the USA, since the 90s , there has been an increasing successful sale of customizable polyresin ornaments representig several subjects where it is possible to write names, inscriptions or messages.

Mr Christmas was founded to realize and commercialize this kind of ornaments in Italy: a souvenir, a unique object to collect or an original gift suggestion.

The basic idea of this new and ambitious experience is the original product and its characteristics: a unique, customizable, quality Christmas product; a collector’s item or a gift suggestion suitable for every social group (family, friends, couple etc) and for every type of customer; a product with a reasonable cost for everybody.

Our Products

The Christmas tree and the Nativity scene are the most popular Christmas traditions. A Christmas tree is usually a fir or an artificial tree of similar appearance. It is decorated with small colourful objects, lights, garlands and candy canes.

According to the tradition, presents are put under the tree and opened on Christmas day. In the past, Christmas trees were decorated first with fruits and paper flowers and then with garlands, ribbons and candles. Later Swiss and German producers created light and colourful blown-glass ornaments and they soon became fashionable and famous all over the world.

Today there are different kinds of decorations in several shapes, styles and materials, making our Christmas tree more and more precious and personal. In this way, the most beautiful decoration is the one you can personalize and that represent a memory or an emotion.

A personalized ornament with a name, a place or a date is a wonderful memory and a loving gift. A personalized decoration shows a new love, a new house or a newborn baby and it can be handed down through generations, in order to tall the family’s story and memories.

Every Mr Christmas object comes from creativity of our producers and it is realized by our capable artisans. Every item is realized with mould and hand-painted; however, it will be finished only when i twill be personalized for the sale according to the client’s desires. As a consequence, Mr Christmas ornaments are small works of art realized according to original designs and exclusively distributed in Italy.

The attention of small details, the original figures and the quality of our packaging are the essential features of the ideal gift: a Mr Christmas ornament.

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